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  • “Be a diamond in a rhinestone world.” – Dollywood Garners National Media Attention
    In the heart of Rivertown Junction, past Dogs N’ Taters and into the Blue Ribbon Pavilion, the PRSA Volunteer Chapter was given an exclusive talk with the Dollywood public relations and marketing team.
  • Sarah Smith’s Influencer Experience and Origins
    Sarah Smith, Body Positive Influencer and Plus Size Model, delivered an informational yet inspirational speech to the students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville on her experience as an influencer and public relations professional.
  • The Incredible Brew Story
    Roskop shares an unlikely story about following one’s passion, and investing in local brewery relations. Incredible true stories, such as these, show the value of creating honest and valuable relations.
  • Meet Dr. María De Moya
    María De Moya steps up to Tombras School of Advertising & Public Relations DE&I professorship position. With over 20 years of public relations experience, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville has a strong diversity, equity, and inclusivity leader.
  • Event Recap: Training Your Ethical Mind
    Mark W. McClennan APR visits the University of Tennessee, Knoxville to speak on the importance of training your ethical mind.
  • Barbara Gardner Proctor (1932-2018)
    Proctor’s success as the first Black woman to create her own advertising agency continues to be exclusionary.
  • How to Prevent DE&I Fatigue
    Anetra Henry explains what is and how to prevent DE&I fatique.
  • Resolutions: Getting Back in PR Shape
    If you are experiencing that feeling with public relations, here are steps that may help you get back into PR shape – and tactics to maintain good PR health throughout the year.
  • The Most Trusted Brands of 2022
    Morning Consult examined brand trust across industries globally for 2022.
  • Barriers for Black Americans in the Digital Divide
    McKinsey & Company examined barriers affecting Black Americans in the digital divide. A literature review of works from 2020-2022 was conducted in 2022.