4 ways to stay on the guest list

Cynthia Moxley

“Don’t take me off the list!” I can’t tell you how many times I hear folks say that.

As anyone in public relations can tell you, our profession plans dozens of events every year for our own firms and for our clients. Every one of these, of course, has a guest list. When people say, “Don’t take me off the list,” they are sometimes saying it because they can’t be present at a certain event, but want to be invited to the next one. Let me reassure you, you will not be taken off the list just because you can’t come to a single event.

But, I will share with you some of the behaviors we see every time we take RSVPs — and I’ll also tell you what can, in fact, get you taken off the invitation list. It revolves around good, old-fashioned business etiquette.


Read the full article at Knoxville News Sentinel’s website.

Cynthia Moxley is CEO of Moxley Carmichael, a downtown Knoxville public relations firm. She’s been active with Public Relations Society of America, sponsor of this column, for over 25 years. She can be contacted at CMMoxley@moxleycarmichael.com.

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