V Awards


V Awards Entries Open

It’s that time again! Time to start thinking about what you’ll submit to the V Awards. We had such great feedback from last year that this year we’ll be preceding our awards luncheon with a morning of professional development sessions and workshops. The details are still being ironed out, but pencil us in for the end of October.

Early bird deadline for entries is July 26. Regular deadline is August 23. If you think you will be submitting this year, email us at president@volunteerprsa.org so we can go ahead and set up secure folders for you in Dropbox. The categories, judging criteria and prices remain the same as last year. (PDF)



Each year, the Volunteer Chapter recognizes the excellent public relations efforts of our members with the annual Volunteer PR Awards. The awards, judged by other PRSA chapters, go to campaigns, strategies and tactics that exemplify the very best in public relations. Additionally, the V Awards recognize individuals who are making significant contributions to PRSA, the Volunteer Chapter and the public relations profession.


2018 V Awards Winners

Awards of Merit

  • Consolidated Nuclear Services, Simple Acts of Safety Video
  • McGhee Tyson Airport, Aviation Academy
  • McGhee Tyson Airport, From the Runway Up
  • McGhee Tyson Airport, Record Breaking Year Magazine
  • The University of Tennessee, Rokerthon


Awards of Quality

  • Consolidated Nuclear Services, Introduce a Girl to Engineering
  • Helen Ross McNabb Center, 2017 Annual Report
  • McGhee Tyson Airport, Happy 80th Birthday McGhee Tyson Airport


Awards of Excellence

  • McGhee Tyson Airport, Santa’s Sky Lounge
  • Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education Website


J. Carroll Bateman Best of Show Award

  • McGhee Tyson Airport, Santa’s Sky Lounge

Individual Awards

Lorna Norwood Excellence in Mentorship

Named in memory of Lorna Norwood, a longtime public relations professional and chapter member who championed mentorship throughout her career, this award recognizes individuals who champion and mentor public relations professionals.

Harvey I. Cobert Award of Excellence

Named in honor Harvey I. Cobert, APR, founding member of the Volunteer Chapter, leading public relations practitioner and early champion of accreditation in public relations, this award recognizes individuals who contribute to the growth of the public relations profession in East Tennessee and of the Chapter.

Gary McCormick Lifetime Achievement Award

Named in honor for Gary McCormick, Volunteer Chapter member and former PRSA National President, this award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the Chapter and the profession over at least 20 years in the public relations profession.

Ellen Liston Rising Young Professional Award

Named in honor of Ellen Liston, APR, a Volunteer Chapter member and distinguished public relations professional, this award recognizes individuals who are members of the Chapter, have demonstrated leadership potential and proven accelerated progression in public relations practice in fewer than five years in the profession.

Community Service Award

This award recognizes individuals or organizations who use public relations practices to improve the quality of life within East Tennessee.

Executive of the Year Award

This award recognizes an executive officer or employer who has shown exceptional support of PRSA and of the public relations profession.


Community Service Award

1989 – Ted Beattie, Penny Beatty, Knoxville Zoo

1990 – Carolyn Krause, Society for Technical Communication

1991 – Patricia Adcock, Richard Ray and Julie Watts, WATTec Sponsors Committee

1992 – Ijams Nature Center

1993 – John Gill, Special Counsel, Chief of Staff – Knox County Attorney General’s Office

1994 – National Foundation to Protect America’s Eagles

1995 – Peter W. Carter, MD, Director of the Local Chapter of the Coalition on Smoking OR Health

1998 – Bill Baxter, CEO Holston Gases

1999 – Steve West, West Chevrolet

2000 – No award given

2001 – Lynne Fugate, Nine Counties. One Vision.

2002 – Ann Yates, Nature’s Pantry

2003 – Pat Bright, Prism Pools

2004 – Larry Fleming, KUB (Presented to wife Linda on his behalf)

2005 – Shoney’s of Knoxville, Inc.

2006 – Bonnie Carroll

2007 – Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies

2008 – Julia Pearce, Blount Memorial Hospital

2009 – Tim Williams, 21st Mortgage


2011 – Kevin Painter, LeConte Wealth Management

2012 – No award given

2013 – Tennessee Farm Bureau

2014 – Larsen Jay, Random Acts of Flowers

2015 – No award given

2016 – Helen Ross McNabb Center

2017 – No award given

2018 – No award given

Executive of the Year Award

1982 – Roger F. Hibbs, President, Nuclear division, Union Carbide Corporation

1983 – Randy Tyree, Mayor, City of Knoxville

1984 – Jack E. Reese, Chancellor, UTK

1985 – Darrell Akins, Executive Vice President, Greater Knoxville Chamber of Commerce

1986 – D. M. “Pete” Gossett, Dean, UT Agricultural Experiment Station

1987 – Wayne Heatherly, Administrator and CEO, HCA Park West Medical Center

1988 – No award given

1989 – Mr. Richard Van Sickle, President, Rohm and Haas Tennessee

1990 – Dr. Sherry Hoppe, Roane State Community College

1991 – Dr. Richard I. Ferrin, President, Maryville College

1992 – Dr. Joseph E. Johnson, President, University of Tennessee

1993 – Hatcher Meeks, Carrier Corporation

1994 – Clyde Hopkins, President, Martin Marietta Energy Systems

1995 – Joseph M. Dawson, Administrator, Blount Memorial Hospital

1996 – No award given

1997 – No award given

1998 – No award given

1999 – James A. Haslam, II, Founder, Pilot Corporation

2000 – Gen. Frederick H. Forester

2001 – Gloria Ray, Knoxville Sports Corp.

2002 – Emerson H. “Eli” Fly, Acting President, University of Tennessee

2003 – Barbara Blevins, Peninsula Behavioral Health

2004 – Bruce Hartmann, The Knoxville News Sentinel

2005 – Lucille Griffo, CEO, Girl Scouts of Tanasi Council

2006 – Bruce Pearl, University of Tennessee Men’s Basketball

2007 – Larry J. Frank, Knox Co. Library

2008 – Tom Catani, U.S. Cellular

2009 – Mark Cate, Lawler-Wood

2010 – John Lansing, Scripps Networks

2011 – Ian Anderson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

2012 – No award given

2013 – Dr. Jim McIntyre, Knox County Schools

2014 – Mike McClamroch, East Tennessee Foundation

2015 – Lofton K. Stuart, University of Tennessee Foundation & UT Alumni Association

2016 – Dr. Joe DiPietro, University of Tennessee System

2017 – No award given

2018 – No award given

Gary McCormick Lifetime Achievement Award

1993 – Sammie Lynn Pruett, APR, Fellow PRSA

1994 – Harvey I. Cobert, APR

1995 – Robert L. Wesley

1999 – No award given

2000 – Susan Dimmick

2001 – Sandra Plant, APR

2002 – Gary McCormick, APR, Fellow PRSA

2003 – Ann Cryster, APR

2004 – Susan Lauver, APR

2005 – No award given

2006 – Donna Creech, APR

2007 – Susan Barnes, APR, Fellow PRSA

2008 – No award given

2009 – No award given

2010 – No award given

2011 – No award given

2012 – No award given

2013 – Gail Rymer, APR, Fellow PRSA

2014 – No award given

2015 – Don Lindsey

2016 – Cathy Ackermann

2017 – Kelly Fletcher

2018 – Cynthia Moxley

Lorna Norwood Excellence in Mentorship

2016 – Ellie Amador

2017 – Mary Beth West, APR, Fellow PRSA

2018 – Chelsey Riemann, APR

Harvey I. Cobert Award of Excellence

1997 – Cathy Ackermann

1998 – Ann Cryster, APR

1999 – Cynthia Moxley

2000 – Rod Irvin, APR

2001 – Susan Barnes, APR, Fellow PRSA

2002 – Steven L. Wyatt

2003 – Bonnie Reichert, APR, Fellow PRSA

2004 – Alan Carmichael

2005 – Ellen Liston, APR, Fellow PRSA

2006 – Mary Beth West, APR, Fellow PRSA

2007 – Becky Huckaby, APR

2008 – Lorna Norwood, APR

2009 – Cheryl J. Ball, APR

2010 – Barbara Martocci, APR

2011 – Tom Looney, APR

2012 – No award given

2013 – Melissa Ogden

2014 – Megan Brown, APR

2015 – Kristin Alm

2016 – No award given

2017 – No award given

2018 – Heather Beck, APR

Ellen Liston Rising Young Professional Award

2005 – Erin McCarty

2006 – Seth Linkous

2007 – Elle Butler

2008 – Chelsey Riemann, APR

2009 – Sarah Elder

2010 – Mallorie Mendence

2011 – No award given

2012 – Hayley Martin

2013 – Taylor Griffin

2014 – No award given

2015 – Erica Jenkins

2016 – No award given

2017 – Katie Banks

2018 – Caitlin Darras