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Building relationships takes time

Heather Beck, APR

At its core, public relations is about relationships.

Specifically, it’s about building good relationships. Public relations is about building and strengthening relationships with customers, employees, stakeholders, supporters and even rivals.

Relationships are especially important in service industries like education, especially in higher ed. If your students, alumni and employees aren’t convinced of your genuine care for them and the success their affiliation with you brings, your brand has little value. Brand ambassadors are higher ed’s lifeblood.

Tennessee’s focus on higher education gives us many opportunities to learn. What does it take to build successful relationships? What can we learn from PR in higher ed?

Read the full article at Knoxville News Sentinel’s website.

Heather Beck, APR, is president of the Volunteer Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, and works in marketing and communications at Pellissippi State Community College. She can be reached on Twitter @hbeck490. 

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