Member Spotlight: Caitlin Darras

Education: B.S. in Communication from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (2012); Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Memphis (2019) Employment: Senior Public Relations Specialist for the Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority What’s the most important PR practice you use in your work?Be accessible and be transparent. When working with local media, my boss has… Read More

Member Spotlight: Matt Kothe

Education: B.A. in Political Science, Minor in English; University of Tennessee, Knoxville Employment: Corporate Communications Specialist, PerfectServe Why did you choose public relations as a career?This is an interesting question for me, because public relations wasn’t part of my future plans when I graduated from college. I worked at a law firm for about a… Read More

Member Spotlight: Jeff Gary, APR

Education: B.S. Journalism, University of Tennessee; M.S. Communications (Public Relations), University of Tennessee Employment: Director of Creative Services, Communications Division, UT-Battelle LLC (Contractor to the US Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Why did you choose public relations as a career? It’s an honor to represent an organization and have the opportunity to craft… Read More

3 Ways to Keep Work Conversations Productive, Appropriate

Tough conversations are a part of everyday life. It’s not easy to talk to an employee about his or her performance, initiate a business break up or even ask for a raise. We don’t like it when people disagree with us. We avoid confrontation. We dread delivering bad news. However, maintaining the status quo often… Read More

Member Spotlight: Scott Brooks

Education: BS in journalism, broadcast news, from West Virginia University Employment: Public Relations Specialist at Tennessee Valley Authority Why did you choose public relations as a career? I worked for 14 years as a broadcast journalist before someone suggested my skills might be useful in public relations. I had never considered that my ability to… Read More

PR Critical for Recruitment/Retention of Women in STEM

In recent months of sexual harassment protests and the resulting #MeToo movement, certain key points often get lost in the mix of controversial media coverage. One key issue that’s often overlooked is the degree to which women can feel – because of long-standing gender imbalances in certain professions – outnumbered, unwelcome or at an automatic disadvantage… Read More