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Tombras School of Advertising and Public Relations

1345 Circle Park Drive, Knoxville, TN 37916

Knoxville, TN, US, 37916

Sarah R. Smith (she/her) is a Plus-Size Model, Body Positivity Influencer, and Inclusivity Advocate.

Sarah R. Smith (she/her) is a Plus-Size Model, Body Positivity Influencer, Inclusivity Advocate, and the President & Founder of The Glass Palace Organization, a free directory/listing of healthcare professionals committed to treating people of size holistically and respectfully in a dignified safe setting, where their true health concerns can be assessed regardless of their weight. With her passion of the Body Positivity and Inclusivity movement, she continuously works through modeling, speaking engagements, mentoring and aligning with companies and campaigns that support making this world one where all bodies are appreciated, accepted and loved. She has been on the cover of Faschic Magazine, in multiple body love campaigns and publications including “The Body Book,” “I Am Barbie,” “I Love Me”, is a Brand Ambassador for Superfit Hero, and has worked with the famous plus-size brand Avenue through shows and online media. Sarah uses her life and educational experiences in the realms of communication, public relations, healthcare, and advocacy to provide an effective, compassionate, powerful, and relevant approach to influencing the perception of how we view our and other’s bodies and abilities, to break free of the societal norms, and to begin a more considerate, profound and intricate discussion around shaping the acceptance, love, and respect of the esteemed unique diverse bodies we all live in.