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Member Spotlight: Jeff Gary, APR

jeffgaryEducation: B.S. Journalism, University of Tennessee; M.S. Communications (Public Relations), University of Tennessee

Employment: Director of Creative Services, Communications Division, UT-Battelle LLC (Contractor to the US Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Why did you choose public relations as a career?
It’s an honor to represent an organization and have the opportunity to craft a strong and positive message for that organization. I love learning from subject matter experts and translating their knowledge into a meaningful story for a specific audience.

Why are you a member of PRSA?
It’s a great way to share information, build a professional network and continue learning about our profession. And, of course, pursuing Accreditation in Publications (APR) provides a wonderful opportunity to validate your knowledge, skills and abilities with a powerful credential.

What advice would you give to new professionals?
Look for opportunities to learn as many different and diverse skills as possible. Always seek ways to build a robust portfolio.

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