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PRSA Volunteer Chapter Hires Digital and Social Media Intern for Fall 2022 Semester

PRSA Volunteer Chapter is proud to announce that Aaron Riede Stone has been hired as the Digital and Social Media Intern for the Fall 2022 Semester.

Hello everyone! My name is Aaron “Riede” Stone and I’m officially the PRSA Volunteer Chapter’s Digital and Social Media Intern! Here are a few things to get to know me better…

Aaron Riede Stone

My hometown is Jackson, TN, but I am originally from Danville, IL. Shortly after the move to Tennessee, I started noticing the difference between cultures. I thought “yes ma’am” and “yes sir” were only polite affirmations to drill instructors, causing confusion in my earlier years. My family started a mental list of words we took into our vernacular, with “y’all” on the very top of it.

During high school, I competed in Division 1 and 2 Tennessee State League soccer and graduated with a CNA License. I was also a Junior Rotarian and Scholarship recipient. The Rotary Club’s sincerity and kindness are a massive part of why I’m here today.

I am a Senior at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville studying public relations with a minor in business. My early years of college saw heavy involvement in the UTK Esports Club, representing multiple competitive teams, to later being elected as President! This involvement led me to Boom.tv, an esports entertainment platform, as an Events Operations Associate.  

Upon my search for majors, I learned the College of Communication and Information is proliferating with opportunities that allow me to achieve the titles of Research Assistant, Researcher, and Intern all within a single year. These opportunities would have never come to fruition without the support of family, friends, and Dr. Stabb. I am here today because you all believe in me. I could not be more appreciative to be a part of this organization, and I will live up to and exceed y’alls expectations. Go Vols!

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